The Mestizx¹—Futurist Manifesto

¹ We draw upon the idea of mestizaje, mestizx and the new mestizx, who has a plural personality and who operates in a pluralistic mode, in contradictory ways. This notion was originally developed by the chicana author Gloria Anzaldúa in 1987.

They're cancelling the future.

For centuries they've imposed on us the rationalism of development, of progress, of marching relentlessly forward without looking back. A monopoly on the present that keeps us from conspiring towards the future.

They want to deprive us of nights with no fear, of the togetherness we feel through movement and desire. We amble through the endless labyrinth of non-being, or of a being based solely on production, a success and wealth that barely registers on our screens.

They've decided which lives are worth living, and in doing so obscured our intrinsic relationship to nature and the non-human.

As such, we resolve that in the face of this death-system, our resistance is life. And as an act of life, this manifesto: to imagine and conspire as the Others of modernity from a position of uncertain virtuality to break the code that constitutes us.

We're determined to join the ranks of those that for centuries have written alternatives with their own hands. We wish to conceive and construct political horizons where the categories that oppress us cease to exist.

We recognize ourselves as mind-body, body-machine, infinite mestizxs. We want to plot a new course using our own techniques of militance and desire. We'll astral project into the future-past, breaking with linear time to appropriate the present.

What is our calling?

It's to recognize our reflection in impurity, precarity and doubt. To become nomadic subjects, mestizxs, proud of the muddle, of the origins of resistance that constitute us.

We acknowledge that entire populations were stripped of their historic and distinct identities. We know that melding as a means of improvement and purification has been one of the most violent processes in our history.

We distance ourselves from the fusion or erasure of our multiple truths, and we invoke instead a mestizaje of confrontation and contradiction, not of synthesis.

We are hybrids locked in an eternal dance towards an infinite state that defies the singular, universal, ahistorical subject, this thing we never were and never will be.

Our strength resides in a mestizaje between machine, human, posthuman, nature and matter. We've been cyborgs for decades, we get it, children of technoscience and biopower, blurring the borders between animal and human, between organism and machine, and between the physical and ethereal.

Until now we've inhabited this virtual state without questioning it, and yet, to query the colonial tools that configure us we'll begin to make them work in our favor. We will not be loyal to our origins in domination and control.

We intend to embrace the machine, to internalize iits singularity until we weld together in peace as in war. To see how old and new genders give birth to cyborgs that, as they grow, give renewed meaning to the earth on the banks of the Amazon, to the knife-blade ridge of the Andes, to the expanse of the Pacific and the domains where the state never reached in Mexico. And we will be multitudes, owners of the non-places, of the borders, of all that which sounds like other possible worlds, of the pluriverse.

We were the darkness and the barbarism of the modern project. But our bodies won't condemn us. They are the results of experiments in reason: whipped, colonized, impoverished. But today these body-machines, in their infinite mestizaje will awaken on us. They’re what we have in common. And our will, like our rage, is great.

Great like our desire to organize. Mobilized fury. It's time.

Here we are, and here we find ourselves ruminating on the thoughts and dreams that open roads to hope.

Eyes wide open. We're almost there. The point of no return.

Soon enough we'll face the final challenge to earn safe passage through the coming centuries. This new-final disruption will decide our fate:

We will control the sun. Finally, we will access its infinite energy, siphoning and stockpiling it on a massive, free, unlimited scale.

We will raise the pain threshold. Genetic editing will allow us to anticipate sickness, and at the same time, produce nourishment without killing other species and squandering the earth.

We will develop autonomous agents, or if you prefer, robots, which will rise up. Their profound and complex reasoning will usher in an era of dataism; it’s up to us to recover our data and program the machines to establish a transversal order in human affairs.

These three disruptions will give rise to new dangers, particularly artificial intelligence, which corporations use to exploit our information and generate—above all else—even more value for the 0.1%. As is, the capital-owning class is poised to advance at a rate never recorded in the history of civilizations.

It is vital that the command of AI not remain solely in the hands of white-collar predators. So we return to the age-old paradigm: Who will control the means of production? In whose service will these powers be placed? Could this be our last opportunity to regain control?

We know the answers: they’ve been oppressing us for more than five centuries. If we remain in stasis, if we don't mobilize today, if we don't invoke the people's cry, the meta-police-states of capital will tighten their control of knowledge-power and preclude forever the possibility of wealth distribution, of social equity, of the tomorrow-past, of joy-love and utopia.

We need the machine as an ally, an accomplice, a tool and a prosthetic to tumble down walls. Only then, with a hybrid ingenuity that goes beyond the anthropomorphic, will we finally welcome a limitless abundance of the basic necessities that Earth's inhabitants urgently need.

It's time to relish in an existence of unfettered contemplation. Deep learning, blockchain and cryptocurrency will yield transcendental access-opportunities. But we must train with urgency, organize ourselves to fight the coming battles against the entropy of neoliberalism, the information virus and the post-truth.

Such potential has inspired us to summon a coalition, one that is rooted in the Andes and will ultimately flourish off-world. Cyborg siblings of today and of the year 2077, assemble and rise, desire the improbable, liberate yourselves from the submission of obedience and dash towards autonomy. Let us solder an alliance that guarantees these new powers remain in the service of all. Let us adhere to the code of the E.M.R.I.:

Ejército Mestizx de Revolución Interestelar (Mestizx Army of Interstellar Revolution)

Welcome to the new assembly of the underworld, our voices echo from the heady mountains of the future. We form a data militia that extends through and to everyone, even you, inhabitants of the New York-London-Paris-Berlin axis. Let's seek each other halfway to struggle in concert for other worlds and establish a new emancipatory mix.

Attention: Here we'll inform the next steps __

We need all of you, your ingenuity and courage. We need the selfless, collective, resolute love that unites us. Let's become the militants of our own destiny. This is only the beginning.

Here we lie. Here we will fight.

And at least within the bounds of our utopia, we will vanquish.

And it will be glorious.

From atop the mountains of the Aburrá Valley to the Cundiboyacá Plains and across the Abya Yala region, we embrace and celebrate the Zapatistas, Gloria Anzaldúa, Donna Haraway, Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, the queen Arca and Raymond Ayala with the same intensity as Richard D. James, the memory of Turing, Sagan and Aaron Schwartz, to the friends who form the nucleus of Insurgentes, Pez Alado and ECO. To all of you, thank you for stimulating our thoughts and inspiring our words.

Leticia & Verraco
Colombia, April 2050.

Translation__ Max Pearl